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How To Organize Your Home on a Budget

There are days that your house may feel like a zoo, but it shouldn’t look like one. Turn your home into shape by following these tips and tricks for tidying spaces — your closet, playroom, bathroom, kitchen, and more — that are commonly known for collecting clutter.

Mail and Miscellaneous Papers

If you are conscious about paper consumption and you don’t like the idea of throwing papers away (because it came from trees), and your drawer is already packed with papers. Set up a box for all of your papers like mail, receipts, and bills — and sort it once a week. When you have time, you can recycle them for something more useful.

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When stocking consumables, always place the newest boxes, containers, and cans behind the older stuff, you’ll use the older food first in a first in first out basis. Keep stock of what you have by placing dry foods, including cereals, beans, nuts, and flour, in labeled containers.

Fridge and Freezer
food bottles jars
The key to having a clean and organized fridge is to use clear, stackable storage containers. By using containers, you can easily segregate things, and you can easily see what is inside the container. You can use several that can fit different fruit and vegetables, condiments, drinks, and eggs. You can customize and label them depending on your style, which means you can even assign them for different dishes or days of the week.

Drawer Dividers for Kitchen Tools

Arrange kitchen tools with the use of drawer dividers. Adjustable dividers can accommodate big, small, and awkwardly shaped tools. You can group them according to size and purpose.

Make Use of Available Space Under the Sink

Utilize the space under the sink by putting stackable storage like bins and drawers to make the most out of the area where you can put your cleaning products and other things that you want to stock like bathroom tissues and other toiletry products.

Linen Closet
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You can never have enough sheets and towels because it takes much of your space. Instead of tucking them away in baskets, place everything on the shelves so that you can see exactly what you have. Use dividers to keep everything separated and prevent them from toppling over. You can fold the small linens like the pillowcase and thin blankets inside the bedsheets or quilt covers to keep the same designs together.

Dresser Drawers

To fix the solution of mismatched socks, use fabric organizers to segregate your socks, underwear, bras, and ties.…